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Experience the Water Like Never Before

Get ready for Radinn’s sportiest, most durable jet surfboard yet!

The all-new Radinn X-Sport features an ultra-resistant, lightweight hull designed with the newly developed XDL Tech construction. It’s hull technology can handle rough conidtions thanks to a fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer outskin. Raddin X-sport maintains an innovative , hydrodynamic design and is easy to get started on but also responsive enough for more playful riding . Made for everybody and every body of water, you’re in for some seriously fun, adventure-filled sessions with this one.

Sleek. Smooth. Premium. The Freeride holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, whilst offering a higher-end feel with layers of glass and carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish. This allrounder jetboard has an innovative hull adapted to slice through waves and choppy waters, reaching a speed of up to 56km/h, as well as features that direct the spray of water down when you are turning, resulting in gained thrust.

To enquire about our aquatoys you can contact us at or call us at 0030 266 109 0188 / 0030 698 888 6909 (also contactable via What’s app).

2 Radinn X – SPORT or FREERIDE EXTENDED RANGE available upon request