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Discover the Ionian Paradise with Us

When in Corfu don’t lose the chance to visit Diapontia islands. A complex of paradise islands just 8 nautical miles from North Corfu. Departing Gouvia Marina, with the early morning sunshine sparkling on the water’s surface, we make our way up the coast. Passing dozens of Corfu’s treasures, such as Kalami Bay and Agni Cove, we slowly make our way around the northeast corner of the island, approaching the magical spots of Erimitis bay, perhaps the perfect spot for the first swim of the hour, in the clearest of waters.Coming around the northern curve of the beautiful Corfu, the Coastline of Albania moving behind us on our starboard, we see one of the islands natural wonders, Canal D’Amour, a true beauty, before we start to ascend northwest up to the three islands waiting to be explored.

The most northern inhabited island, as well as one of the most virgin islands of the Ionian Sea, Erikousa is surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, endless golden and steep cliffy beaches. The island has two beautiful beaches, Porto, which is the island’s main port, and Bragini, a quiet sandy beach, perfect for snorkeling and scootering around on a Sublu! Although a small island, you may find plenty of choices for food, with the famous restaurant of Hotel Erikousa located just by the port. Its only few settlements allow you to discover the history of the island and meet the friendly locals who are very excited welcoming you and helping you with your little adventurous trip.

Othonoi is the largest island in the Diapontia Islands and the westernmost tip of Greece. It is 40 nautical miles from Italy and when the weather is good, the Italian cape of Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, can be seen. A small earthly paradise where the nature is simply stunning, it has two main settlements, one of which a coastal one called Ammos, which is also the port of the island. Aspri Аmmos is cоnsiderеd the mοst beautiful аnd еxotiс beach оf the island. It is on the sоuthwеst cοast, а small strip of white sand аnd pebblеs under vertiсal whitе cliffs cоntrasting tο the blue wаtеr, with the sea сavе Cаlypsο nearby being a must see. As this magical day of exploring draws to a close, we make our way back towards the north coast of Corfu, with the sun setting slowly behind us, and the lovely glass of wine shining in your hand.


Visit the natural beauties known as the Diapontia Islands, and have the best experience at these spots:

  • Agni Bay
  • Kalami
  • Erimitis Bay
  • Canal D’Amour
  • Porto Bay
  • Bragini Bay
  • Aspri Ammos
  • Calypso Sea Cave

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