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Discover the Ionian Paradise with Us

Picture yourself gliding across the blue sea, enjoying the sun and view as we set off from Gouvia Marina and cruise past Corfu’s Port and Old Town, taking in the morning calm. Leaving the little green island of Vidos to port, we head past the beautiful old town of Corfu, and of course its protector, the stunning old fortress.

Continuing south in the morning breeze, we spot the airport on our starboard, if we’re lucky we might see a plane landing or taking off in the golden background, as well as the famous mouse island.Soon on the horizon two islands can be seen, Paxos and Antipaxos. As we cross into the channel connecting the three, we can now enjoy a slightly faster speed to get to our first destination.

The legend goes that the picturesque island of Paxos was created when Poseidon wanted to create a romantic retreat for his love, Amphitrite, and so he severed the southern tip of Corfu with his trident.

On the steep rocky West coast of Paxos, a series of caves await our visit. Each one more impressive than the other, you can trust our experienced captain to pick the right spot for you to get the perfect picture, as you explore the caves. If you like you can even stop for your first swim of the day with clear waters beneath and the beautiful rocky coastline as your background.

A little further South lies Antipaxos. Described by many as the “Carribean” of the Ionian Sea, Voutoumi Beach and Emerald Bay with their white sands and bright turquoise waters are everything you wished for.

Surrounded by smaller caves and beautiful rock formations, Antipaxos is truly a gem of an island. Here, let our crew throw anchor at the perfect spot amongst the busyness, and let the fun begin! Whether it’s enjoying the midday sun with a lovely glass of wine on the bow of the boat, snorkeling in the crystal waters, or shooting around on a Seabob, the next hour or two will surely be heavenly.

As the afternoon sun starts to hit, we depart this beautiful slice of paradise and head north towards Paxos again, this time on its East side.we quickly arrive in Gaios, the island’s quirky capital. The harbor has two entries, the North one being especially picturesque, and we enter the long fjord-like canal that leads into the main harbor. As we turn around the last sharp bend, the view of the quaint little village of Gaios spreads out before us in all its Italian-like charm. A very popular destination in the Mediterranean, Gaios has many tavernas and restaurants to offer, so feel free to ask the skipper to stop if you would like to explore this stunning little centre. If not, we’ll enjoy the picturesque views from the water before continuing on our journey.

A short distance up the coast again we find Loggos, a smaller village port, famous again for its excellent tavernas and restaurants, especially Vasilis Taverna Loggos, where the food is simply divine. There are also some perfect spots for swimming if this is preferred.
Although not as buzzing as Gaios, Loggos is also traditionally stunning and quite the popular attraction, so we would advise you to make a booking if you so wish, well in advance. We can of course also take care of this for you.

As lunch comes to an end, we say goodbye to Paxos, and start the scenic journey back up to our beautiful Corfu. As we reach the southern tip, we pass the gorgeous little harbour of Boukari, a great little spot for the last dip of the day, or even a late lunch at one of Corfu’s most renowned fish restaurants. If not, we continue up north, again cruising past the breathtaking Old Fortress, this time in the more golden evening light, and, assuming time allows for it, another great spot for our last swim could also be just of the quirky little island of Lazareto on our starboard side as we cruise up the eastern coastline of Corfu. As the day comes to an end, you will see the beautiful Gouvia Marina up ahead, and we hope you’ll have had the most magical experience ever with us.

Your time with us will of course be personalized to your wishes and needs, and any stops are of course flexible to your vision.


Enjoy the beauty of the Ionian Sea and visit some of this beautiful hidden gems:

  • Mouse island
  • Old fortress of Corfu town
  • Blue caves of Paxos island
  • Voutoumi & Vrika Antipaxos
  • Gaios town
  • Harbour of Loggos
  • Boukari

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