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Discover the Ionian Paradise with Us

Picture yourself gliding across the blue sea, enjoying the sun and view as we set off from Gouvia Marina and cruise past Corfu’s Port and Old Town, taking in the morning calm. Leaving the little green island of Vidos to port, we head past the beautiful old town of Corfu, and of course its protector, the stunning old fortress.

Continuing south in the morning breeze, we spot the airport on our starboard, if we’re lucky we might see a plane landing or taking off in the golden background, as well as the famous mouse island.Soon on the horizon two islands can be seen, Paxos and Antipaxos.

As we cross into the channel connecting the three, we can now enjoy a slightly faster speed to get to our first destination.
The legend goes that the picturesque island of Paxos was created when Poseidon wanted to create a romantic retreat for his love, Amphitrite, and so he severed the southern tip of Corfu with his trident.On the steep rocky West coast of Paxos, a series of caves await our visit.

Each one more impressive than the other, you can trust our experienced captain to pick the right spot for you to get the perfect picture, as you explore the caves.

If you like you can even stop for your first swim if the day with clear waters beneath and the beautiful rocky coastline as your background.A little further South lies Antipaxos. Described by many as the “Carribean” of the Ionian Sea, Voutoumi Beach and Emerald Bay with their white sands and bright turquoise waters everything you wished for.


Enjoy the beauty of the Ionian Sea and visit some of this beautiful hidden gems:

  • Mouse island
  • Old fortress of Corfu town
  • Blue caves of Paxos island
  • Voutoumi & Vrika Antipaxos
  • Gaios town
  • Harbour of Loggos
  • Boukari

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