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Experience the beauty of Kefalonia

You can take a break from your Lefkas vacation any time you like and book a yacht charter to the nearby island of Kefalonia. Both of these islands are much loved and often visited by tourists, but Kefalonia will bring a change of scenery with its rich history and numerous monuments which are not so easy to find on Lefkada. Once we part from the Port of Lefkas, we can make a quick stop at the beautiful beach of Porto Katsiki now approachable exclusively by a boat and considered to be one of the most mesmerizing locations not only in the Ionian archipelago but in the entire world.

We will make our first visit to Kefalonia by docking in one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, Myrtos, located at the very north of the island. It is an excellent choice for families looking for some quality beach time especially those with small children since there is plenty of white sand, pebbles and shade for everyone.

The village of Assos is the perfect place for you to take a break from swimming and sunbathing. Renew your energy for the rest of the day by enjoying an excellent Mediterranean meal. Local recipes will offer a unique dining experience which can only be improved by the sound of waves gently touching the shore near your dining table. Once you have eaten your last bite, you can pay a visit to the fortress of Assos from the 16th century, one of the largest castles in Greece. There you will find a small church as well as a house of Venetian High Commissioner, but the most memorable will definitely be the astounding view of the bay that the fortress offers.

After you have eaten your meal and had a rest, we will move on to the Symi village where the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed and where you can still see the autographed posters of the main actors in local cafes and restaurants. Its most famous beach is Antisamos, known as one of the most beautiful in the entire Greece. The mesmerizing Melissani lake is right next to this village in case you wish to visit it. And those who go snorkeling around Symi may even see the remains of the old port underwater.

Lefkada and Kefalonia’s daily cruise is perfect for families looking for a different beach where their children can enjoy the white sand and blue sea.


Enjoy the beauty of the Ionian Sea and visit some of this beautiful hidden gems:

  • Lefkas Port
  • Porto Katsiki
  • Kefalonia Island
  • Myrtos beach
  • Assos village
  • Symi village
  • Antisamos beach