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Paxos Antipaxos Tour

Experience Paxos, Antipaxos & the blue Caves!
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Picture yourself gliding across the blue sea, enjoying the sun and view as we set off from Gouvia Marina and cruise past Corfu's Port and Old Town. Leaving the little green island of Vidos to port, we head past the Old Fortress heading south. Soon on the horizon two islands can be seen, Paxos and Antipaxos. On the steep rocky West coast of Paxos, a series of caves await our visit. Each one more impressive than the other, you can trust our experienced skipper to pick the right spot for you to enjoy swimming in the deep blue and green waters, and to explore the caves.

A little further South lies Antipaxos. Described by many as the “Carribean” of the Ionian Sea, Voutoumi Beach and Emerald Bay with their white sands and bright turqoise waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Surrounded by smaller caves and beautiful rock formations, Antipaxos is truly a gem of an island.

Heading towards Paxos again, this time on its East side we quickly arrive in Gaios, the island's capital.
The harbor has two entries, the North one being especially picturesque, and we enter the long fjord-like canal that leads into the main harbor. As we turn around the last sharp bend, the view of the quaint little village of Gaios spreads out before us in all its Italian-like charm.

A short distance up the coast again we find Loggos, a smaller village port, famous for its excellent
tavernas and restaurants. As they are very popular it is advised to make a booking if you so wish, well in advance. After Loggos, if there is time we may stop on the way back for a quick swim near the Southern tip of Corfu.

8 hours
approx. 85 miles

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